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Can't tell you from practical experience with a fiver since I don't have one yet.....

I've run a number of "Dooleys" now and generally they run empty or with an ATV in the back or maybe a two horse trailer. Difference here is that most of my trucks except the first 1 ton were gassers which weigh a bunch less on the front.

So for now, I'm running 60 psi on the fronts and 40 psi on the rears which is a rougher ride than the old truck, but this one's got a higher GVW as well. When I get the fiver, I'm going to start with 50 on the rears and 65 on the front and see how it goes. You can usually tell if more air is needed if you are way underinflated by how the truck feels. Tire wear will be higher with the lower pressures as noted above, but that's not too much of a consideration for me as long as the safety aspects are not compromised.

I thing Ralph has given you some good advice.
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