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Has anyone weighed their trucks empty "just to see?" I took my 2016 2500HD duramax across the scales the other day with just me and a couple hundred pounds of tools in the back and was floored by the number. Now Im a big boy, bout 400ish. My weight plus my tools was far piece from the listed curb weight 6400+700 being 7100. She tipped in a 8560 on the truck scales. WFT........
Crew Cab short box 4x4 Duramax. Anyone know what it weighs? Thanks, Mike :confuzeld
CC SB duramax has a curb weight closer to 7400. Look at the yellow sticker and it will show cargo capacity. Subtract that from 10K will give you curb weight.

My CC/SB/4x4 denali is 7400 empty. mostly empty tank, no driver, etc.
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