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How many own a Rebuilt title Duramax??

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Thought it would be interesting to see how many own a rebuilt or prior salvage title duramax and if they would by another one????? :)
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I've heard of a few guys on here buying salvage trucks and rebuilding them. A few interior fires, things like that.
We actually own an 02 duramax that had a light front end collision...that we repaired, so far it hasn't caused any problems and we put about 9k miles on it. Anyway it will be interesting to see what ya'll say, Jonathan
Nope and nope.
Check my garage for carnage pics. I bought mine wrecked and rebuilt it. 16K so far and except for an oil leak I can't find, I have NO complaints.
The truck is only as good as the work put into the repair! Anybody can make it look good, but was it done right. This is why DMV requires an inspection of the vehicle and parts. I have seen them take parts off vehicles just to inspect what was done underneath the panel. They also check for stolen parts and if the part came from another wreck. I have also seen vehicles taken away from them and have seen people arrested. DMV doesnt mess around here.
The 3 trucks that we rebuilt had to be inspected by the dmv in order to get a rebuilt title. Thats the only way it can be registered. I have heard of dishonest people though that take their salvage title vehicle to idaho and actually can get a clear title, not exactly sure how that works. But you really need to know what you are getting when you buy a rebuilt title vehicle or even clear title for that matter :)
I've bought an almost new port bike or two that was an insurance write off because of cosmetic damage. The fairings, tank, headlight and gauges usually add up to more than the bike is worth, even when almost new. It also helps that most sportbikes now have bolt-on subframes that can be easily replaced when the original get tweaked. This is the best way for a privateer to race for the least $, you would yank most of that stuff anyway.

If I were serious about building a drag or pulling Dmax I would start with a salvage truck. Just makes sense. Get the rest of eveything on eBay. There is a new 06 summit white long bed on there with everything, over-fenders, bumper (no tailights) for less than $500
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