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How Many Grease Zerks ?

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Anyone have a diagram or info on how many and were ALL the grease zerks are. I don't want to miss any. Grease is cheap. Appreciate the help.
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Look in the DIY section. There was a nice mini-manual in there on greasing. BTW there are 11.
Here's some pics to help you

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Thanks fellas! Ask and he shall receive. You guys are something else! That's just what an old Polack like me needs.
I guess I need to be polish to find them all! :) I have been under my truck for the past hour and I cannot find just one zerk fitting. I cannot find the one you have labeled #7 in the pics above. Can someone give me an idea of what angle I need to be at to find it? Is it on the drivers side or passenger side? Thanks, Jeff
Easiest way to find that one is to take the plastic skid plate off and you'll see it on the pass side, on the top of the arm support.
The pitman arm is a pain in the butt and that is how I found the leaking tranny cooler line chevy says they have a problem with these hoses keep an eye out it drips in the plastic skid plate.
Thanks, found it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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