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sdaver said:
the power pup must really be a miracle worker........maybe all those potatoes up there just make them smarter........hey check this one

sdaver wrote:
got juice
you did this with a duramax or what........stock tranny would not begin to hold those numbers.........or it was a spike...........?

no spike... stock auto tranny.... i did it in 4th gear 2/3 throttle. Juice was starting to defuel beyond that hp level so i basically held it at 2/3 for a nice smooth dyno plot. here is some linkage for ya!


and on the tdr


The only thing i do not like about this programmer is the fact that power is full on before engine is at normal operating temps and there is a little too much timing in the programming IMHO... and yes i have seen close to 24 MPG (US) if i am careful with the acc pedal

stock with 544 hp
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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