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How harsh??

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I'm a potential buyer of a new 04' GMC 2500HD D/A SLT CC and just finished taking a 2nd test drive of . I really like the truck however I noticed a rather significant amount of vibration coming up through the gas and brake pedals when idling. I know diesels are known to be rough but that's cool. I'm just looking to see is this condition is normal or shouls I be looking at other trucks. When you put the power to it it mellows right out. I'm trading out my 01' GMC Yukon Denali with the 6.0L gas and it's quite different.

Comments Please,,
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Can't say that I have every noticed anything like that in my 03, but I will pay closer attention today while out driving. Have you tried test driving other trucks on the lot? Did you notice it in other units?

My 03 does not vibrate at idle. Good suggestions, try another truck or perhaps a 1 ton just to see.

I have always been amazed at how smooth it idles. In my other vehicles there has always been a slight miss or gallop. Not here.

Have experienced nothing like you outline in my '02, would be hard pressed to believe it is normal. Suggestion you test drive other trucks is a good one...... Jim
Well, I payed real close attention today...no vibration at all at idle. I would look at getting a different truck IMHO.

Well, I bought the truck (04' GMC 2500HD D/A CC SLT) and I'm really excited about getting involved with diesel power. I test drove a similar truck with 20K and found the same condition and chalked it up to being a tight 2500 HD truck with a typical diesel growl. I can't expect it to be as smooth as my 2001 Denali gas (6.0L) that has all the toys and drives like a caddy.

THanks for the inputs,,,
To make you feel better, my 03 was the same way in cold temps. But after 19,xxx miles it smoother than my wifes 5.3 in her tahoe. I am sure it will break in. Congrats on the new truck.
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I agree. My '02 took a long time to completely run in. Its a different beast and youre gonna have fun
Once you get used to the Diesel theirs no goin back.
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maine has had the vib from the day i picked it up...
Hmmm. I picked up my new truck yesterday and found the idle extremely smooth with no vibration that I could detect. The ride on the other hand is a bit harsh even compared to my 3/4 ton Suburban, which is the old chassis style.
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