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My early mpg's were similar to yours

After I turned 1,800 miles on my 2005 DMAX 2500 HD 4x4 CC SB with Apr 05 fabrication date, I drove it on a long trip (2,400 mi) pulling a travel trailer. The trailer body is designed with very good aerodynamics, Trail Lite version by R-Vision. My gross weight must have been similar to yours since my trailer weighs around 6,200 lbs fully loaded and of course I have the 4x4 which adds a few pounds. The bed was full of stuff including three bikes and there were three people including myself in the cab. In that trip, I averaged around 11.5 mpg in Florida and then around 9-10 mpg in Georgia, specially around the mountain areas. Typically I was doing 75 mph. This took place during the summer. As soon as I did some of the cooling mods discussed in this forum, including the cold air intake mod that many of us have bought from a contact in this forum, I noticed improvement on my mpg's around town and while pulling my trailer. I have gone as high as 13 mpg while pulling a TT here in Florida with the mods while driving 75 mph. I have not gone back to the dealer, so I have the same factory flash.

My truck just recently broke the 10,000 mile mark and all I can say is the mpg's are still getting better. I think I am also getting ready to change my fuel filter, it is the original one. And also, I am running synthetic oil and axle fluids. The Ally is still the same factory fluid with new spin on. I keep the pressure on the tires as speced by GM.

All I can say is, make sure your fan clutch is not working over time on you since that will rob your mpg's due to the heating issues caused by improper air flow and give your vehicle some time to break in. Also, having a well designed trailer with aerodynamics helps some. I also have my bed covered.
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