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First off I'd like to apologize to Brian about this taking so long to get written up.

Brian is an awesome guy! I would happily buy anything from him again! I purchased an 04 GMC CC/SB twin turbo from Brian. He lives in Arizona and I reside in Illinois. He offered to take a picture of anything and everything I asked for. Gave me past maintenance records that he had available to him. And talked on the phone quite a few times. I flew down the evening of 1/11 and due to delays arrived at 3AM 1/12. Brian personally picked us up at the airport and drove us 20 minutes down the road to a hotel to save us on a cab. Early morning on 1/12 he picked us back up and drove us back across town to finish the transaction. He worked with me well when it came to paying for the vehicle. There were so many little things that Brian did to make everything go as easy as possible! I cannot express how much I am greatful for the things he did.

The trip home didn't go to well. After 2 different delays in traffic it took us 39 hours total to return home. It was supposed to be about 27 hours after stopping for fuel and food. But all in all after 11 days of owning this truck I could not be happier and I have never gotten so many compliments on a truck ever before!

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