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Holy crap! They’ll let anyone......

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....be forum moderators these days. You know who you are.
Took me awhile to get around to it but, I'm here. Great site! User friendly and informative. Just the ticket for learning and sharing Duramax info. Should be fun. Edited by: GMCTRUCK
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Mackin said:
Wazzzup up buddy .... Just a quick note welcome ....

Was up in Geerhead land hopefully the trek to Suncoast begins Sunday at Eric's, he OK'd the bay and lift usage, what a guy .... Stop in and see me will ya .... I'll confirm for sure ....


Bout time! I'll bring the monkey wrenches. We have to make sure to let Ding dong know since he lives near Eric's shop.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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