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I am interested in LB7 owners listing failures and worn out had to be replaced parts on there LB7 daily drivers even if lifted/chipped etc. but no failures from the RACES at the strip or PULLING trucks. Please have a filled out signature..
Heres mine:

History:Truck used as daily driver for wife to and from work, has been lifted and chipped from day 1, has pulled a 13k toyhauler many a trips and I pull hard but do not abuse, but have pushed to limits, mostly synthetics and regularly serviced.

Failure: Front Wheel hubs-replaced ? 25k
Failure: Injectors-excessive injector knock-40k-replaced under warranty
Failure: Left Rear Wheel Seal- ? 80k
Worn: Idler, idler arm, pitman arm, upper left ball joint-90k(replaced and upgraded)
Failure:Injectors-excessive injector knock- 7yr 96k- dealer told me that injectors were bad but that they did not fail the specific leak test to be replaced under extended warranty @*&%@#@@, at 96k I was getting excessive injector knock and my coolant system has been overpressurizing for a while, I just last week replaced the injectors, resealed the cups and replaced the headgaskets.. upon inspection my headgaskets were marginal(not obviously blown but not in great shape in a couple spots) and a couple injector cups definitly looked to be the culprit(Probably from a shotty job of injector replacement at 40K by the dealer).

With the exception of the last failure that i think should have been fixed under warranty my truck has held up very well, I have not even had to change the brakes yet, but since my last failure and the high cost of the repair I would probably not keep another diesel out of warranty. Still love my Duramax though!!

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Injectors at about 40,000.
Front wheel bearings at about 120,000.
Rear wheel seals at about 120,000.
Clutch at about 135,000.
Injector pump at about 160,000.
Water pump at about 175,000
Injectors will be coming again soon.

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Left rear wheel seal
Injectors approx 100,000 km
Right front wheel bearing 130,000 km
Rear brake rotors and pads twice due to rotors being eaten by rust 75,000/150,000 km
Emergency brake shoes due to rust, brake lining came off 150,000 km
Left front tie rod, backing over rock it bent like a pretzel 120,000 km
Injectors due for replacement 165,000 km

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Both rear brake discs, axle seals, water pump and injectors last week, turbo this week:banghead: And this truck is stock I do not race it, I love the duramax and I am able to do this work on my own but still very expensive, I have never owned a vehicle that cost this much to fix!

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Injectors at 55k and now at 107k theyre failing again (just outside my 7 years )

70k. Inner and outer tie rod. Sheared it right out of the spindle, replaced the outer on the side of the mountain and then immediately bent the inner. Im assuming it was already weakened.

Upper and lower ball joints, both sides. Had been shot for a while 90k

Glow plug controller and all glow plugs. multiple trips to the dealer between 70-80k miles.

Idler and Pitmann Arms at 75k.

I think thats about it for now.

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Computer Encoder Failure - 10,240 mi
L Rear Axle Seal - 25,181 mi
Rear Brake Shoe - 25,181 mi (due to axle seal failure)
Tailgate Cables - 48,760 mi (mfg recall)
ISS Replacement - 48,760 mi
Belt Tensioner Pulley & Surp Belt - 75,600 mi
ISS Replacement - 95,993 mi
Jounce Bumpers, Pitman Arm, Idler Arm - 135,000 mi
Injectors - 135,005 mi
Shocks, Bil 5100 Series - 153,500 mi
Brake Rotors, Brake Pads - 153,816 mi
RF Wheel Bearing/Hub - 154,900 mi
Fuel Sending Unit - 166,200
Hydroboost - 169,985 mi
Pump Rub Kit (Kennedy Kit) - 172,800 mi
Surp Belt, Tensioner, 2 Idler Pulleys - 174,300 mi
1 Injector Bad Now - 174,500 mi

Bac To The Future
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Previous to my ownership: http://www.dieselplace.com/forum/showpost.php?p=597871&postcount=13
I had to replace the Tcase shortly after I got it home, due to poor work done in Texas.

Two new batteries
brakes on all 4 wheels
rear axle seals
coolant temp sensor
pinion seal
front suspension bumpers

and yes, due to racing and pulling, had to rebuild the engine last year. That necessitated new injectors. None of that was the fault of the truck itself. Trans was redone by Merchant in 2007.

Truck could use new front hubs, the batteries could use replacing again, and racing has worn the brakes again. Really should replace the drivers side seat cushion and buttheater, and the carpet is past the point of cleaning.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my truck for the past 5-1/2 years and 75,000+ miles :)

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50k replace factory tires with 285's
89k replace bridgestone dueller tires with 295's
89k u joints
89k transmission adapter houseing (from bad ujoints)
89k replace starter(i broke it doing above stated work)
110k idler/pitman arms and ball joints
115k new batteries
125k front brake pads
135k 4 new rotors
135k new brake pads all around
135k drivers side wheel bearing
135k 4 new shocks
140k ujoints again
140k 1 abs sensor(was on the new hub side)
145k needs new gauge cluster(not fixed yet)
150kish started randomlly smokeing at idle

Mileage may be off some from oversize tires since 50k and gauge cluster randomlly working for last year.

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Purchased the pickup with 89k miles, had a dealership look up whats been to it.
Before I bought it,
39k - Injectors were replaced under warranty and other misc. small recall items.
After I bought it,
90k - New gauge cluster stepper motors
91k - 8 new injectors and return lines
91k - 2 new batteries
92k - New lower/upper ball joints, pitman/idler arm
front passenger side wheel bearing needs to be replaced, starting to get some slop in it.

Parts I've installed to try and prevent future failure, or at least help I hope so.
2 Kennedy lift pumps
fuel pickup mod
Kennedy mega filter
Cognito upper A arms
Cognito pitman/idler arm brackets
pump rub kit that I haven't installed yet

I find it funny that TheBac hasn't had to replace that much stuff. Engine related items, especially injectors, looks like hammering down the skinny pedal has it's benefits.:):)

I like how I've had to replace alot of things(expensive too) after I bought the damn thing. :mad::mad:
I love the pickup but the 2500HD 6.0 I had before was cheaper to maintain, but doesn't have near the power!!!:D:D


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My 02, injectors @130k warranty, water pump @ 125K currently @165k

Hers 01 water pump @ 165k injectors @ 172k on me by me, driver side ball joints @195k drivers side tie rod @ 150k idler pulley @ 175k, alternator @ 175k

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I've put 35k miles on the truck over the last 2 years and have only replaced the WIF sensor and the hydrobooster.
I will be replacing a lower ball joint soon as the grease fitting has froze up and I can't get grease into it.

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1st LB7: Wheel bearings at 60,000
Injectors at 65,000

2nd LB7: (I bought it with 163,000, so I'm not sure what was done prior. The guy i bought it from was an idiot who had no business operating anything with a motor.)

Injectors at 164,000
Idler arm, wheel bearing and brakes at 168,000

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I bought mine used with 6,000 miles on it. 17,000 new fuel temp sensor, 40,000 new tires. 50,000 miles replaced batteries, alternator, glow plug module, serpentine belt. 51,000 new ujoints. 71,000 miles new Bilsteins, 75,000 new neutral safety switch. 89,000 new rear rotors and pads. Now I'm looking at front brakes, wheel hubs, belt tensioner, idler pulley, and belt. Currently have 92,000 miles.

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Pump rub 128k. Bought the truck with it. Didnt know what it was at the time.
Blower motor resistor-130k
Window regulator, drivers side-130k
Back right caliper-136k
Water pump-144k
Front speed sensors-149k
Intermediate steering shaft-167k
Turbo coolant return hose-179k
Injectors, glow plugs and return lines-194k

Got rid of truck at 202k miles due to transfer case leaking in 2 areas, diesel skyrocketing and I no longer needed a diesel truck.

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Wish I hadn't seen this Thread. Bought new & this truck is uber well maintained.

Within 1 year
Alignment- Had less than 200 miles
Realignment of alignment- less than 500 miles
Rebalanced wheels/tires.
4wd (encoder?) motors- 4
Running lights- 2
Power seat switch-1
Door heated seat switch-1
Rear spring spacers-2
HVAC Automatic control-1
Recharge AC-1
HVAC not cooling-No codes...3 times back in shop!!!
Steering shaft-1
On Star control-1
On Star reprogram-2 times
Serpintine belt-1
Wiring harness replaced-1
Transmission not shifting smooth- Reprogram
FOP replaced-1
Fuel gauge
Dash stepper motors-2

Within 2 years (In addition to 1st year)
Parking brake cable
Rubber lined parking brake cable eyelets due to vibration/wear
Rear spring spacers-3
Recharge AC & lower pressure-1
Steering shaft bushing-1
Temp sensor-1
On Star reprogram/check 2 more times.
Serpine belt-1
On Star not working. No fault found
HVAC not cooling correctly....2 times
Oil cap not put on (Dealer) oil all over engine & hood liner-1
Reprogram HVAC vent doors-1
Tail gate door cables-1
Power steering hose leak-1
Replace steering shaft bushing that was replaced-1
Dash cluster-1
Battery failed-1
Front wheel sensors
Trans reprogrammed.
Running lights-3
Transmission not shitfting again-No codes.

6th year
147K injectors replaced
<197K 1st set made it 147K, butT new set 4 of 8 leaking...already!

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The vehicle history doesn't show much post 124K miles, but from 124K to the current 145K miles.

Batteries @ 124K
Rear Allison adapter housing @ 127K
U-joints rear driveline @ 127K
Water pump @ 128K
Fan clutch @ 129K
Both front wheel bearing assemblies @ 131K
Receiver hitch @ 131K
Idler & Pitman @ 132K
Ignition switch @ 134K
8 injectors under warranty @ 136K
Passenger side inner/outer tie rods @139K
Fuel sending unit @ 143K

The original injectors made it until 136K miles. Hopefully the 3rd generation replacement injectors make it longer than the originals.

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Injectors 40k
Engine 60k
Idler arm 112k
Injectors 134k
Glowplugs 134k
Headgaskets 136k

And now selling for a loss, since college doesn't pay me enough to replace my headgaskets

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Since I bought it in June 2010...

Oil change & transmission drain, filter changed @ 214170

Fuel pressure regulator & fuel filter @ 217320

Rear diff fluid & u-joint changed @ 217546

Bilstein shocks replaced stock shocks @ 218170

Oil change @ 218194

Oil change @ 223451

Just got exhaust last week for the truck.

Need to change fuel filter soon... front bump stops are worn to **** and possibly injectors
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