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This was sent to me by dmaxter (TDP) over a year ago. A buddy of mine tried it with his truck (2002) and it workes great. By the way I took out his e-mail address because I don't know if he would want it on the web.

Good luck



Well guys I don't know really how to start this off because I don't know how you guys are with electrical but I am going to assume you know some but will post everything.....I would post pics but I am unable to because I don't have a digital camera....Sorry....First you have to gain access to the under dash area to do so you will have to pull of the IP dash trim....then you will have to remove the underdash access panel....you need to remove the two 7mm screws and the 10mm screw that holds the parking brake release lever....Then you will have to pull off the underdash panel this just simply pulls off some harder than others depending upon which plant they were made in....once you have taken this off you will need to remove the steering columb access shroud this is metal and is held on by 4 10mm nuts....simply just remove them and they will fall off...then follow the ignition wires out of the steering columb and find out where they plug in....you will looking for 16ga wires....I believe if I remember correctly they are black, green, yellow, tan, white, dark blue.....there maybe some more but the only one you are concerned with is the dark blue...This wire receives a 12v positive pulse...it is only a momentary pulse it does not receive a 12v pos all the time....just momentarily.....now depending on which brand remote starter you have it may give a pos pulse out or it may give a neg ground output out....however you will have revert to your owners manuals to check this.....now if your remote puts out a 12v pos. pulse for the trunk option you will have this job very easy. just simlely hook the wire right from the remote stater right to the dark blue wire..However if you have a remote starter that puts a neg pulse you will have to add a relay....you need to provide a normally open relay. you will need to hook pin number 85 to 12v pos. and pin number 30 to 12v pos. you are going to hook a wire from pin 87 to the dark blue wire as the set button....you are going to hook your remote starter wire for the trunk option and you will have to find out what wire this is in your owners manual to pin 86...there is power for all this if you need it right there for the cruise control and you may use this for that option if you wish to....now when you hook this up you will also need to have your remote starter hooked up to the high Idle already....I did this by hooking up my parking lites to this on the load side of your switch of course..you will how
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