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If anyone is interested in hooking their high idle up to their remote starter, I just completed this today. I actually set up the low idle & high idle to my remote starter so I can turn either setting on & off from anywhere. One to the remote starter trunk feature & one to the AUX feature. These need to be hooked up each using a 5 pin relay & wired direct to the cruise control wires.

My cruise control has 4 tiny wires, pink, grey, black & blue under the steering column. The black wire was for the low (1200rpm) idle & the blue wire was for the high (1750rpm) idle.

If anyone is interested, you would require a 5 pin relay for each remote starter connection for this project. The relay will need a terminal 30, 85, 86, 87 & 87A.

The terminal 30 & 86 connect to a +12v power source. Terminal 87 gets hooked to either cruise control wire. Terminal 85 gets hooked up to the trunk or AUX remote starter wire that pulses "-" when pressed. Terminal 87A is not used & is left empty.

Cool feature for us lazy folk who wish to warm their truck up faster while still in bed.

Thanks to Max Power for all his help with this Mod.
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