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Well i have had the high idle in for 2 weeks now, works well, however I'm not seeing much of a difference in warm up time really, i have the attitude so i get LCD EGT temps and engine temps, basically on normal idle at cold startup (40 degrees outside) the truck is at about 240-250 degrees EGT ,when kicking on the high idle (1200 rpm) it goes up to 260-270 tops. What are others getting for temps??? seems like the additional 20 degrees of EGT does not really increase warm up time very much in my case, going to 1800 rpm high idle gets me about 280-285 on the EGT, surprisingly even at the 1200 rpm idle it shows about 2.6 psi of boost, the 1800 is about 3.4 psi!!! if my motor temp starts at 50ish degrees (off the attitude) in 40ish degree weather it takes about 8-10 minutes at 1200 rpm to get up to 100 degrees engine temp. Is this about what others are seeing?? Wish i had a plug in at work, it nice plugging in at home and starting the motor in the morning at 120 degrees!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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