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2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD (LB7)
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Hey guys.

So I wasn't entirely sure how this was going to turn out, but I decided to go for it. I was getting a lot of pitting and rust, just surface rust into pits, Omni lower bit especially directly behind the wheels. it was driving me nuts, I don't want to go take this to a paint shop every 40000 miles to correct it so I decided to coat it.

I'm going to be honest with you, I quite fancy the results. I think it two tones the truck perfectly, adds ruggedness and protection, and accidentally; it matches the lower kick of my 5th wheel perfectly. One of my buddies joked that it looks like something Darth Vader would drive. Wife hates it... I cannot wait to go out and get it dirty. Let me know what you think.


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