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I'm picking up a new 7X16 enclosed trailer in a couple of weeks. This trailer will be used for a lawncare/landscape business. Before I spill any gas or hydro fluid on the PT wood, I'd like to treat the floor with something like a DIY bedliner. I looked into having LINE-X do the floor and ramp, but it's nearly $1000.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with these products?

How well will it hold up to gas, hydro fluid, things being dropped, etc?

What is involved in prepping wood?

How slip resistant is it when wet?

Is one coat enough? The Herculiner kit says enough for a 6' bed. Figuring 6'X9' (bed and sides) is 54 sq ft. My trailer and ramp is about is about 154 sq ft. At $99.99/ each thats 3 kits at about $325.

Any tips or information is appreciated.
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