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My truck has either started a new habit, or a change in driving styles is showing it up after 20k miles....

When the truck is sort of warm, after driving 8-15 miles, it smokes at idle. And I don't mean a whisp of steam! It is the same sort of smoke when starting up at -25F after sitting out all night. It does have the winter cover on the grill but not the bumper.

Other clues that might help in a diagnosis:

It sits in a garage at night but not plugged in.

It smokes a lot less if I slip it into neutral or park.

It does not seem to smoke while driving either feather or lead foot style.

It does it both is normal and Tow/Haul mode

Normal is juice 4.61 level 4 and TH is level 1

When smoking the idle is rough

It has a nictane filter on the frame pre-oem since 15,000 miles (now 20,500 ish)

OEM filter has 5500 miles on it. We have pretty good fuel here based on the ones I cut up at 5000 miles and 15,000 miles. Oil level is normal, no change in the level in 5500 miles.

After about 15-20 miles there is no sign of smoke and the idle is back to it's normal smooth feel. The dealer is about 20 miles away.

What's the deal? Should I drain the juice and see the dealer? Should I switch to decaf and forget about it?

Any insite and advise is welcome!

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