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Over on the VW TDI forum there is a list of members in various areas that have scan tools, and are willing to help out other members. I'm going to start that list for here.

If you have a tool (I'm adding mechanical specialty tools as well)and are willing to help out another member; list what tool you have and how you want to be contacted. If you want to charge a fee that is up to you, but be up front about your intentions. This isn't a place for shops seeking free advertising - it is truly a place for someone willing to help another member out. If you take someone up on their offer of help and it turns out to be a shop looking for a way to build business, let me know via PM and I'll clip their post.

Members be aware - you are the quality control. Just because a registered member has a tool and offers help, the DieselPlace can not vouch for, or be liable for, anything that happens to your truck as a result of your contacting a member listed here.

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FREEZIN78 said:
Anyone in Anchorage Alaska? Well I tried. Maybe get lucky.
Are you asking or offering info that you have one, this thread is for a listing of folks with a tool willing to help another in their area, not for asking, if you don't see it listed assume no one in your area posting here with a tool they are willing to share.

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Off we go!.......
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United States


jtaylor11 - X2 on EFI.....lil north of Mobile Alabama.


Alaska - Anchorage, Alaska. I have access to a TechII.. PM me and I might can help ya out

airbotnak - Anchorage, Alaska, Auto Engenuity 4.0 with Ford and Chevrolet enhancements. Have not been able to communicate with the 07.5 Duramax yet.

alaskanvegi - I've got GMTDscan and a short injector socket for pulling turbo side injectors on 6.5L without removing turbo


BornReady6.5 - MT 2500 Scanner and full service shop with 9000# lift, welder, torches, press, etc. Small 6.2 diesel salvage yard with a few other makes and small assortment of spare 6.5 common failure parts on hand. I also have Mitchell on demand computer software. Also have large car trailer and flatbed with winch. if you have any trouble in my neck of the woods...gimme a call. 928-651-4599. or to shoot the breeze if you arent in need of assistance. I work cheap.

azblazor - AutoEnginuity 4.3 Phoenix, AZ area 623 696-6366

azduramax04 - FLAGSTAFF AZ. OBDII Scanner/deletes codes. Free use if you need any help. (works on all 96 and new domestics) PM me.

Buddyboy - Actron P9145 OBD II capable in southern Arizona. Send PM to me if you would like to scan your truck.

Black Stallion - Solus Pro w/ 9.2 Buckeye, AZ



Trippin - Valencia, CA. Available most nights and weekends. Tech 2/EFILive

WanaDmxsub - Lompoc, Ca. Predator and a Quadzilla. (Better than nothin')
Service manuals for '89 and '04 trucks.

lakingslayer - I have EFILive V2 and I am in the San Diego CA area.

lifer - OBD-2 CarCode Vehicle Explorer software and laptop. 1996 C/K factory service manuals. San Diego area.

CBRJohn2000 - I have a Actron P9145, but can get access to Other equipment if necessary. Need help in the Central Valley of California, I live in Fresno. Call at 559-281-5856.

Rodd - Sacramento, CA, Autoengenuity - GM package

tileman2003 - I have a obdII scanner and eraser in Santa Rosa, CA

sgardner - I have a decent welding and wrenching shop in Ukiah Ca (no lift yet), a service truck with a welder and some tools and a car trailer. i have autoingenuity with chevy add on. always willing to lend a hand to those who are respectful and responsible, but i wont let any tools outside of my shop or off the truck, sorry but it is hard to tell who is trustworthy and who isnt. the only way to contact me is to call my work cell (707) 354-0545 Steven


ASCTLC - Colorado Springs - I have the Snap-On MT2500 with Primary & Troubleshooter cartridges good through 2000 and the ABS module for Asian through 1997 & Domestic through 1998. Intend to get the Primary and Troubleshooter cartridges good through 2005 within a month.
I also have a full set of 02 Factory manuals.
No charge but be aware that I'm learning as I go here, so be nice.

GMTDScan - Denver - I have GMTDScan and ALDL interface cable. Works for 1994 and 1995 years only. PM me and I will be glad help, work and home schedule permitting :HiHi:

jbclassix - GMTDScan in greeley, CO


DURAtotheMAX - Im in Canton, NY (at school) and in southern Connecticut (at home) and I have a Tech 2 with the latest 25.009 updates (good thru 2006 LLY and LBZ Dmax's)...if anyone needs help in those areas let me know...

IamDave0887 - OBDII and OBDI autoxray DTC scanner in Shelton, CT. snap-on injector socket, diesel compression tester good to 1,000 psi, and the 6.2/6.5 glow plug adapter for said compression tester also available in shelton, CT or surrounding area. enough tools to get the job done, air compressors, impact gun, etc.

jmanatee - I have a Nemisys 3797 scanner, covers early OBD I systems and all OBD II protocols Domestic Coverage (1984 thru 2007) Willington, CT. (near Storrs, CT)

Acesneights1- GMTDScan, Carcode(still figuring it out)inj socket and IP wrenches. I don't loan tools but if you are close by will help you out. Northeast CT


*District of Columbia


kennjenn - I have a brand new Actron P9145. I am in Gainesville,FL. I would be happy to share my Scan Tool with those in the Gainesville, FL area.

dalens - Florida/Georgia line just off I-75 near Jennings, Florida ( email [email protected] ) Brand new latest version Auto Enginuity OBDII and Laptop (Palm on the way) Brand new diesel injector tester Bosche clone
Thanks to the guys on this forum for helping me chose the Auto Enginuity
I am not always in town, but you can try, glad to help

kneedrager428 - Longwood/Orlando FL, GM Tech 2 with updates till 07

spoolhead - I have a Snap-On 2500 and a Snap-On Modis. I currently run AllData- as well as Mitchelle On Demand in the shop. I also have any tool you could ever need. Free use of tools/scanners, and manuals to forum members and family. If you are down here or traveling thru and find yourself in need, I am in Pensacola Fl. Contact me via pm. or email [email protected]

LavaRok - Palm Bay, FL. I have Car Code on a laptop with cable and some specialty wrenches (homemade) for turning (timing) the IP. Usually willing to lend a hand to someone in need

Doward - I've got HP Tuners, pro version. Gainesville, FL. Generally free Mon-Wednesday (work Thurs-Sun overnight for Alachua County lol) John


89SWB - Running GMTD Scan Tech on a laptop in Rome, GA. Will pick up all sorts of info on 94-95 turbo diesel trucks. Send a PM if you need help.

car_hauler - I have a OTC monitor enhanced scan tool that will do OBD-I and OBD-II up to 2002. I also have access to a tech II machine. I live in north Georgia near Atlanta. Eric



randy b - I have the software and laptop to do scan on 94 and 95 6.5. Will have the enhanced version of GMCTDSCAN when it becomes available. Have some tools. Will help however I can. I live in Boise and am willing to travel a couple hours to help anyone out.
email - [email protected]
home - 208-375-3779
cell - 208-859-5343

JoshH - I have EFILive, which can read and reset DTCs on many years/makes/models of GM vehicles. I'm currently in Mountain Home, ID. PM me if you need help.

jhornsby3 - GMTD Scan Tech on laptop for 94 and 95. Various hand tools to replace injectors and glows. Don't loan out tools but have large garage and willing to help. In Boise. jhornsby3(at)yahoo.com


cuffnup - Olney,IL I have a universal code reader/ code delete machine....located south eastern IL

bpmcgee - I've got Auto Enginuity with GM Enhanced in the Chicago, IL area.

rgullett83 - I have a Tech 2, box full of tools and willing to help (former GM tech) Flat Rock, Illinois
45 mins southwest of Terre Haute IN, 20 mins Northwest of Vincennes IN 45 mins east of Effingham IL

Z71Hobbs -Basic scan and delete tool for obd1 and obd2. Located in Clinton county, il, about 45 minutes east of St. Louis. Willing to help, but not loan.


Goldsburg - Indianapolis, IN area (close to Anderson, IN actually)
Currently have access to a Tech II (with about an hours notice).

dieselrealtor - I own an Actron scanner, I am about 30 minutes South of Indianapolis, Martinsville.

Horsehaulin - I have a Snap-on updated to 99. Also have Alldata Tech 2 style scanner with online internet abilities. I will help anyone for a bottle of MT Dew.):h I also have a shop with four post lift, heated and evey tool you have ever drooled over. Tony 260-410-9649 Fort Wayne, Indiana

Chevy Diesel Guy - I have the GMTD Scan Tech software on my laptop. I live in West Lafayette, IN. Not always a lot of time to help during the week due to school, but will help if I can especially weekends if i'm available. 574-551-2616 for any of you OBD-I 6.5ers.

ghitch75 - i have GMTD SCAN TECH..and cable....i'm 30 miles southwest of Bloomington IN.....if anyone needs help...

jdradtke82 - Michigan City, IN Actron AutoScanner Plus



wildone311 - I have a ELM327 odbII to usb cable. I want to know what software will allow me to read the timing on my 1996 c3500 6.5 turbo. I have tried several and don't get a timing reading. I can read and clear DTC's. also have 6.2/6.5 troubleshooting and repair guide from the diesel page. I also just ordered OTC 6087 GM Injection pump wrench set works on 96 to 99 gm w/ 6.5 for adjusting injection pump timing. I live in lawrence, ks





Scrufdog - Baltimore, MD ... or travelling the country for work.....
Laptop with Digimoto 4.03, PCMSCAN 4.0 and ProScan 1.43 with ELM327 v1.0a cable. Same Laptop with obd-2.com software with Enhanced GM Data and testing, using their PIC cable. Send me a PM

9c1cap - Im in Frederick, MD ....Got a OBD II code reader....not much just a reader but thought Id add......

bikerdan - I have an Actron scan, scan erase tool in Beltsville, MD. No charge to fellow member.PM me if you need it.

Red1978 - I just wanted to add to the list for Maryland (I'm in Baltimore) that I have an OBD II scanner (and clear codes) along with most mechanical tools, welder, and various other hand and power tools. I'm relatively new to the 6.5 but not to working on vehicles though I'm not a professional mechanic. So far I have replaced my front suspension, harmonic balancer, pulley, and crank seal, new fan, various other odds and ends on this truck (with a lot of help from the forums) and was looking up glow plugs when I stumbled on this post. Like I said I'm not a mechanic by trade but I do most of my own work with the exception of pulling an engine and transmission (yet) and have a considerable amount of tools minus some specialty mechanics tools and the scanner if another member needs a hand in this area.


daneurism - MILFORD,MA AREA WITH SERVICE TRUCK AND TIMING TOOLSOBD2 scanners-SNAP ON VERUS-otc genisys 4.0-autel maxidas ds708 < can do tdco relearn, three snap on MT2800, OBD1 GMTDSCAN

CharlieP. - I'm in the Boston area with the Tech II and Snap-On's latest and greatest.

Joey D - I have an actron scanner and tools and trailer and a great dealer within 10 miles who knows the 6.5's.

ArrBee - 01752/01749 area. I have the Lisle Duramax flywheel locking tool, also an Actron scanner and the Lisle air hammer fan clutch wrench set 43300.


smittyseng - Frankenmuth/Saginaw michigan area-I have a snapon mt-2500 w/99 back software plus transmission trouble shooter and I also have tran-X-2000 break out box if anyone wants to bench test solenoids in a 4l80e/4l60e,most front wheel drives,chevys,fords,dodges etc. I don't charge for scans and do all work 2nd shift between 4pm and 12 at night,My actual business is rebuilding and upgrading transmissions,transfer cases and rear ends. If I can help any board member in diagnosing a vehicle contact me 989-823-7319 Smitty

ToddMeister - I have EFILive for Duramax and GMTDScan for 94-95 OBD-I 6.5TD's. Also have Factory Service Manuals for 2005 GM HD Pickups and 1995 GM Light Trucks. Located in Bay City, MI

ABCD433 - I have a SNAP-ON solus pro scanner. GM 1980-2008, FORD 1981-2008, CHRYSLER 1983-2008. I will help any member no charge. I'm in Oxford, Michigan. email me [email protected] .

snowmanwi - I have the authentic GM book 1 & 2 for 1996 C/K trucks in Kalamazoo MI

http://www.dieselplace.com/forum/member.php?u=57961Pruittx2- I have an OBD1 cable and GMTD Basic on my laptop, that I could help someone with. Half way between Lansing and Grand Rapids, Michigan.


MN4x4 - Auto Enginuity latest version GM enhanced on a dedicated laptop located in Minneapolis / Chanhassen MN. I will not lend it out, but I will scan your truck for you. I own several 6.5 diesel vehicles and will help you diagnose if necessary. email preferred - me at usmac dot net
*UPDATE 10-25-09*
Auto Enginuity latest version GM enhanced on a dedicated laptop located in Minneapolis / Chanhassen Minnesota (MN). Full set of 1999 GMC Manuals. Spare PMD and ESO always on hand.Computer guy and DIY Owner, not a mechanic - but I own several 6.5 diesel vehicles and will help you diagnose.
email preferred - me at usmac dot net

jpolak07 - Have EFI LIVE V2...Chaska, MN (twin cities area, st. paul, minniapolis)

Deeslfxr - I have Snap-on's Solus Pro with 8.4 updates in Jordan,MN. Approx. 35mi. south of Twin Cities.

bk95td - gmtd scantech[94-95 6.5] and tech 1 with mass storage cartridge[81-96? gm]. I also have a 10,000lb. 18 ft. equipment trailer. Many other tools and spare 6.5 parts. PM me if you need help. I'm 50 miles west of minneapolis mn.

Graplr- I have GMTDScanTech Pro and am willing to let people come hook it up for tests/timing set.


Turbine Doc - I have a MT2500, full set of GM manuals for 1990, 1994 & 1998, & IP turning tools
On MS Gulf Coast contact me via PM on this site if you need help

gkturner - INNOVA 3120 OBD1 & OBD2 code scantool. I live in Lucedale, MS.

hotrod0872 - Have Carcode(still learning how to use it) but can run TDCO learn. Hernando,Ms about 25 miles south of Memphis Tn. contact [email protected]


ltcps - ODBI computer tester available to 6.5 diesel owners I bought the software and read-out adapter and if someone wants me to hook it up on their truck for nothing, just contact me. DeSoto, Mo. 314-640-1020.
It did help me find my problems. No promises, just will help all I can because people on this forum have been a tremendous help in the past. Tom

FreblazinCamaro - St. Louis area Have tech force by can graph multiple sensors at once and can ceck/clear codes obd1&obd2 some oem data streams up to 2004.email [email protected] Have no problem helping when I can. Just be up front about your problem--s please.

Off we go!.......
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samfraser - access to a tech II, bozeman, MT

mtrenegade - I have a full set of GM shop manuals including Diesel Supplement, chassis, and electrical in Great Falls MT.


deus402 - I own Dynamic Auto Repair in La Vista (Omaha), NE and would be willing to help out any 6.2/6.5ers around here. I have a snap-on MODIS for ALDL/OBDI/OBDII codes/engine data and access to ALLDATA. I do stay pretty busy, but I will do my best to help out. Dynamic Auto Repair or call 402-577-0852. in addition to the scan tool, i have the 6.5 injector socket, timing light adapter that clips on to the fuel line, and a diesel compression gauge with the correct adapters for our engines. (updated 4-1-13)


*New Hampshire

nh484000 - Newton, nh, Enough tools to get the job done. Impact set and compressor and hopefully a large garage bay by the of the month. I'm new to diesels but not new to Chevys.

*New Jersey

flipit - I have an actron p135 obd II scan tool in glassboro, NJ. happy to help

*New Mexico

*New York

Billman - I'm on Long Island and have access to Tech II. Give me notice. I have to bring it home from work.

jmg343 - Actron OBDII scanner and EFI Live. About an hour North of NYC. PM me and I'll lend a hand at any time.

ROCKREADY65 - Actron CP9145 the middle of orange county NY!

firemanbud17 - chenango county ny here i have a actron

Al Jensen - I just picked up the Actron CP9145 plus the GM OBD-1 cable. (OK, new cable is still in the mail) Actron worked well on my ford, hope it works as well on my truck. I'm 25 miles north of Plattsburgh NY. Have torches, buzz box welder, most tools, lathe, mill,... just the basics. Will offer what help I can, family man, don't get out much. contact via email [email protected](removethispart).com Al Jensen

mangus580 - Auto Enginuity Diag Software, with GM enhanced package. OBDII systems. Near Rochester NY.

CNY6.5TD - I have a snap-on mt2500 ( red brick) scanner, updated to 07 for domestics and a pretty good selection of keys for it. I also just got the CAN adapter for it. Uitca, NY

jessejames88 - got gmtd scantech in tusten ny (12764) and full shop with a pit and i work in queens ny (11356) let me know!

Justin9212 - I have HP Tuners that can fully scan and tune 96-up GM Vehicles. Works great on our Duramax's too. I'm in the (Buffalo, NY) (14223) area.

turboaudi - hi i am in prattsburgh NY i have a mastertech scanner also fact repair manuals. gm trained for the 6.5 diesels & 4l80e trans [email protected]

mrisley - I'm in Western, N.Y.(Chautauqua County). I have many hand tools, torches, welder(mig/stick/portable), shop equipment (large compressor,small metal lathe,small milling machine, 7000lb-2 post lift), air tools, and some specialty tools. I do have all the Kent Moore tools to rebuild the NV4500. Only diagnostic tool is a Scan Gauge 2. Hoping soon to get a GMTDScan tool for '94-'95 6.5's. Have fair amount of experience with GM vehicles as thats about all I have ever owned and do almost all my own repairs. Although fairly new to the 6.5's, I have three of these trucks and have aquired many spare parts. I do have electrical diagnosis, emissions and repair manuals for the '94 & '95 6.5's. I have a willingness to help if someone is in need. PM me or give me a call 716-397-2511 - Mark

*North Carolina

Paintman - I'm in North-Western North Carolina (Sparta). I have a MT2500 w/ Domestic and Asian up to 2000. You can contact me through PM here if I can be of assistance.

qwomack - Car Code OBDII Diagnostic Scanner in the Twin Cities area. Still learning some of its capabilities but have managed to perform a TDCO Learn with it.

OTHRGRL - I have EFI Live and can scan vehicles in the Jacksonville, NC area. PM me if you help in my area

Redfox0099 - I just got the GMTD Scan for the '94-'95 - I am either in Mooresville, NC, Martinsville, Va, or Augusta, Ga depending on school, Internship, or going home.

*North Dakota


wiredracer - I have a snap on mt 2500, in the cleveland ohio area.

hatzie - Cincinnati, OH area Auto Enginuity 4.3 & Gm extensions package.
Still learning to use it... But. I would be willing to help someone out if needed.

TedReminder - GMTD Scan tech Northeast Ohio here, recently got the GMTD Scan Tech from Enoh Motors. It is 94-95 specific and does damn near everything the dealer scan can do. Ted

DJ Dave - Columbus, Oh. i just got my scan tech software today and should have the cable by mid next week. (its for the 94 - 95 odb1 only)

Joeairforce - In Dayton at Wright-Patterson AFB, and I have a Snap On MT2500 scan tool with the cartridges that cover up to 2003, as well as quite a few adapters and most of the keys needed (OBD1 & 2)I now also have a Tech 2 w/Candii that covers everything up to 2013.


sbrown - hey i have scantech for obd1. i live in tulsa OK


jesus - got a Vag com in Eugene Oregon


bowtiedude69 - I have a Matco determinator. Live near State College PA.

j gardner - i have a actron9180 with laptop accesories to 07 and most other tools welders plasma cutter and 50 years auto and truck exp glad to help in northern pa towanda area between binghamton and elmira 30 miles each way ps not a commercial shp personal use no fee donate if ya wish jack

nj325e - Just picked up a Actron CP9180 scan tool. I have a few tools, a little knowledge, and will have a garage when I move in a month or two. I live in Lancaster, PA but commute to Hunt Valley, MD. PM me if I can help I will. Thank you, Noel

paintballrepins - I have an autoenginuity obdII connector with the gm software. Located currently in the philly area, in a few weeks ill be back up near reading, pa. just pm me, or try my email, cadavis44%gmail^com, just replace the percent and the carrot with the appropriate symbols

*Rhode Island

DamageControl - I am commonly in Pawtucket, Foster, Woonsocket, North Smithfield, Burrilville/Pascoag, North Scituate, Smithfield, and all roads in between. Also frequent areas of MA and CT along the borders of RI.
OBD1 Diag scanners. OTC Monitor 2000 and OTC Monitor 4000e. User manuals, and cords to fit almost any domestic and foreign vehicle up to 94/95 that has an engine or trans computer. Multiple Pathfinder and vehicle manufacture specific cartridges and even some limited ABS support.
OBD2- a couple cheap "pocket/handheld" actron scanners with varying support/features. And Actron auto scanner plus with vehicles specific can-bus and abs support to '08 only global obd support for newer currently.(sorry my OTC pegisys was stolen, will request updated info when it is replaced)
Within the next few months I will have my service truck fully outfitted, hand tools, generator/welder, air compressor and air tools, torches, jacks, ramps, various metal fab equipment, r12/r134a manifold gauges, vacuum, and leak dye/uv light set, (NOT equipped for recovery)ect. Will also request info update when fully outfitted.
A multitude of various tools/diag/equipment for anything from tiny cars to heavy duty trucks. Feel free to ask, worst I can say is sorry.
Very reasonable kind hearted guy. No fee to borrow/use tools, however I commonly will ask for some sort of "collateral" if I am not present during use of tools/equipment (extended borrows for example). Not saying everyone is mean-spirited, but I have been left empty handed more times than not. Only term is that if it's not a lifetime warrantee tool, and you break or misue it, you owe me a replacement.
Also available to help with roadside or "I'm stuck, and need someone to tug me out" situations if I'm within a short radius of location and not currently at work.
Can be reached at [email protected], by text, by phone, email for phone number.

*South Carolina

Zach M - the place i work at (Saturn) lets me use the tech 2 after 5 for whatever i need but i,m not very good with it yet. I'll do the best i can or if you know how to use it have at it. email me @ [email protected] Again, im not good with it but i can do the basic stuff. oh yeah and this would be columbia sc harbison blvd off of I-26

t rodd - I have gmtdtech scan and a cable. Upstate sc

*South Dakota


approse - Just have a simple scan tool but it's up to date and is can capable. Halfway between Knoxville and Chattanooga.


quantum mechanic - I'm in the N of Houston, Texas area.
I have an ease diagnostic program on a laptop that can scan OBDI, That's '94 and '95. I can help when the paperclip isn't enough. It has about 40 sensor/ecm readouts

I recently acquired auto enginuity's enhanced parameter scantool for OBDII. I can now scan all year 6.5's.

12volt - Lewisville,TX (DFW Area)
I have an OTC Genisys with updates to 2005
I can read OBD1 and OBD2
I also have Mitchel on Demand and Alldata through 1998 (Service Manuals on CD)
Call my cell at 972 467 5056. I will help people on this site for free.

L52Vortec - I have EFI Live and I live around Austin, TX

Brimmstone - I have Matco's version of the OTC Nemisis and two of Mac's pocket code readers. Three tool boxes full of tools. A snapon mt480 timing meter with lumy probe. I have the gauge for testing fuel pressure on a Duramax. I'm pretty sure I have whatever would be needed to do the repair. I'm located in Beaumont Texas. I also have a 20 foot trailer and a couple of one-tons to pull things with. Also have a Miller 255 mig welder, torches, large compressor, and engine driven welder if needed.

sai6500 - volvo tech. in san antonio tx. lots of tools some fab. exp. welding just sold my tig. welder to buy truck. but will buy another soon.

alfamale - Houston, TX, & I have a Genisys 3.0 updated through '07. It came with an '08 certificate, but I haven't downloaded '08 yet. I also have an OTC code reader with which I can pull OBD I as well as OBD II codes.
When my schedule allows, I'm happy to use it on any of your vehicles. Cash, food, and/or beer donations appreciated but not necessary. You can contact me with a PM.

jayrcr - I have a Auto X-ray Montgomery Tx

blfconst - I have a Snap-On MT2500G, OBDI and II. Most tools for 6.5s electronic or mechanical, plus 6.0, 7.3 Powerjoke tools, laptop and IDS available just like the Ford dealer, and Cummins Tools. Cat, Cummins, International, Deere, whatever, have specialty tools for almost all of them and more. IF it clatters, has tires, tracks or props in the Galveston, TX area, I can try to help.

abwdvm - I have a GMTDScan. Sulphur Springs, TX 75482


Paveltolz - Utah, Provo/Orem area OBD 1 and OBD 2 Scanner, Tools, Helping Hand

joefenderman - I live in Clearfield Utah I have a MT2500, manuals on order. I'm learning how to use it If you would like to use it let me know and we can set up a time you can come over and us it.

mitchedo - AutoEnginuity 5.4.1. I got whatever was current as of Jan 3, 2007. I have the base pack (which is pretty much useless for our diesels) and the GM expansion set. I'm in Bountiful, Utah (10 miles north of Salt Lake City). I'm willing to let folks use it here in the driveway, but I have trust issues about letting it leave my sight. If ya wanna borrow it beyond my driveway, bring a $400 cash deposit and your own Windoze PC with USB port. I've "given" away too many nice things to "friends" in the past.

orionthade - I have GMTDScan Tech, cable and laptop for any ODBI rigs. In Salt Lake City.



dieselherb - I have a OBDII scanner on my laptop, I'm near Richmond-Fredericksburg Va. area also go into northern Va.

OVPolarBear -
I have a CReader generic OBDII DTC trouble code reader and a set of GM 1998 C/K Truck service manuals, in Norfolk.

Raider2000 - I have a Tech 2 w/ a Candi & I update it quite regularly at work. Fredericksburg, Va. Area


Everson WA 98276
I have GMTDScan Tech and more tools than I can list. If anyone has any problems or just needs help.

a78turbo - Access to Tech 1, Tech 2, and also have EFI Live. Located in Tacoma, WA.

rennat_2006 - I have Autotap with all of the GM, Ford, and Chrsyler data. I'm in Kennewick, Wa

changefast - GMTDScan Tech ALDL for OBDI in PNW Washington North of Seattle - Mount Vernon Washington state. I have a GMTDScan Tech, works on OBDI stuff, and the GMC Manuals for reference.

wilburch - Vancouver Wa 98665 Snap On MT 2500
Primary Cartridges include GM FORD CHRYSLER JEEP 1996-2000
Troubleshooter thru 2000 for US makes
Primary Cartridge thru 1998 US makes
Troubleshooter thru 1998 US makes
Primary Cartridge Asian Imports thru 1992
Troubleshooter Asian Imports thru 1992
Primary Cartridge GM 1980 - 1990
Primary Cartridge Ford 1981 - 1990
Primary Cartridge Chrysler 1983-1990
Troubleshooter GM Chrys, FORD, thru 1991
Adapters GM1, GM2, Chrysler-1, Ford 1 and 1A, Jeep1, Multi-1, Multi-2
Adapter OBD-2
Keys K-2, K-3, K5a, K7, K8, k9, K14,

*West Virginia

msdz - I have an Autoxray 2500. Claims I can scan and erase(only on vehicles that support this feature) OBDI & OBDII.
http://www.levineautoparts.com/autez20codre.html for info on the scanner I have. If this helps, unsure of what it will scan cause I have only used it on gasser vehicles so far but willing to try if you are.
I live in a small town about 70 miles north of Charleston, WV. Will scan vehicles for free if brought to me. If I come to you we will need to discuss mileage cost. PM for use of my scanner. BUT I thought I would add this as well. Most Advance Auto Parts stores and Autozone stores in this area(other areas should too) will read trouble codes for FREE.


Tommyinajar - I'm in the South Eastern WI area - right between Racine and Milwaukee.
I've got an OTC Enhanced with OBD I & II coverage to 2001 ( Which I had to buy JUST for our Truck )- If you need something scanned give me a PM- We could set something up.

the05hd - snap On Solus Updated To 2003, snap On Vantage Updated To 2003, gm Tech 2 Updated On 11-1-06 no Candi Mod. For It
good For Most Cars & Trucks Up To 06, let Me Know If You Need Some Thing !!

ManicMechanic - I have Gmscan pro from Steph Eign on Laptop, good for 1954-95 Central Wisconsin. Some tools no special, willing to assit. Running a 1995 GMC K2500. Tim

farmertim - Have GMTD Scan Pro Central Wisconsin Have Pro version of Eigh motors Scan tool. Basic is very valuable and Free BTW. Located in Central Wisconsin if you need assistance send PM or E-mail to [email protected]. Tim


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CanadianRigger - Auto Enginuity Version 3.3 Diagnostic software and laptop computer, to numerous sensors and inputs to list here. OBDII systems only. Still learing how it works! A couple of beers can go a long ways with me. PM me if your in need! Trochu, Alberta

nickg - I'm in Edmonton Alberta, and have a Snap-On MT-2500 (good up to 1999) and have Mitchel on Demand up to 2000.
PM me if your in need.

manyholes - inj tools for edm area hey guys, just did my injectors @ home and i am offering to loan the 30mm snap on socket and 7/8 offset wrench to others in the area, i live in calmar west of leduc, first time turbo on, under 8 hours, can give a hand if ya need one too, just remember to buy an extra copper gasket or 2. i had to drive a 100kms for a 3 dollar part after my truck ate one cell phone 403-874-5280 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting**************403-874-5280******end_of_the_skype_highlighting also got complete 98 shop manuals

NVW - I have Scantech for obd-1 in the Castor AB. area. PM me and if I can find time I will scan your vehicle. Leo

CanadianDiesel - got a mt2500 complete with all keys in the west edmonton area, will rent out and lend out.
just pm me

Butchh - AutoEnginuity version 6.0.2; GM Enhanced. A great tool, PM me if you need help in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area. Cheers, Butch

Bison - GMTDScan tech obd1 + latest Autoingenuity for GM and Ford incl diesels. Peace River -Alberta. PM me for help.

steveduhame - I have a fully funtional shop with all the tools and a tech 2 and hoist. Located north of Laclabiche Alberta pm if you are in the area and need help.

*British Columbia

BCBogger - Ive got a tech 1a for anyone on the island.. i also have the obd2 adaptor but im missing the part that plugs into the diagnostic connector
vancouver island bc

edzzed - Ed, Surrey BC Canada. geniscan gs300 code reader, should be able to tell which code set off the ses light. will also erase codes. pm me for free code reading on 6.5 td's only. any other vehicle is a one time 10.00 charge. unlimited amount of times

turbovanman - Langley, B.C. I have a real GM Tech 2, have no problem scanning for free, and if you want your timing adjusted, $40 will cover it.


kalisto2k1 - Have an OBD II scanner and code eraser in winnipeg manitoba, happy to help anytime

crowne - Have a Innova 3100 OBD2 code reader and erase, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. PM me, I will help people on this site best I can.

*New Brunswick

caissiel - I have a Pro scan 4.0 for all GM application OBDII 97 Up. In New Brunswick Canada

*Newfoundland and Labrador

*Nova Scotia


LazyLynx - Snap On MT2500 for 6.5 as well as Chrysler, Ford, Dodge, Asian, up to 1999, available in Barrie Ontario Canada.
Call 705-728-6173.

Shlep - Windsor ON. Scan Mate Pro with 2005 updates and a laptop full of info, email me or pm me and we'll work something out. Be sure to mention where you seen this so I know where it came from.

pgguru - I Live in Hamilton Ontario and i have GMTDScan and tools to set the timing with a signal T-Stat (Can't get around a Double stat)

racer55 - In Ontario Canada, Port Perry/Oshawa area. I have available to help with diagnostics tools such as: Snap On MT2500 with cartirdges from 84-2008 for domestic, GMTD Scantech, Carcode scan tool with GM obdII diagnostic connector for 96-01. Many shop tools such as welders-arc/mig/torches,vertical press ect. Soon to be operational - vertical milling machine,metal lathe. A full selection of hand and air tools collected over 25 years-23+years in the trade. Other specialty tools too numerous to mention - best to ask in advance for anything out of the ordinary. I might even be able to offer some 6.5TD experience when applicable.Very little knowledge of anything with newer diesels though,but willing to learn. Please pm to set up an agreeable time as well as directions and an explanation of the problem. My policy is no equipment to be removed from my property period.

*update 10/2/2010*

kent moore 6.5td tool kit including: IP turning tool & wrenches(both stat styles accessible), Slack tube manometer, Fuel hydrometer, Compression tester, Fuel pressure/vacume gauge and connecting accessories, Glow plug connector remover, Turbo inlet cover, Flywheel/flexplate holder

dieseldud - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada- basic scan tool for OBDII to show codes and clear them and a vacume gauge- Can PM me, not a mechanic and don't have tons of experience but own a 98 6.5TD and am learning as I repair my own.

mxz_583_1997 - Wahnapitae Ontario (GMTD SCAN BASIC OBD 1 94-95) large assortment of tools willing to help if someone is in emergency and close by

*Prince Edward Island


turbonator - the turbonator boys, located in lac superieur quebec.... we have a diesel compression gauge with all adapters for any diesel, injector pop tester set up for 6.2l/6.5l, various welders and cutting equipment, air compressor, and a fair pile of 6.2l/6.5l parts to do lots of different repairs.... we can travel to where you are to make repairs, but no tools will leave our sight.... also we are bi-lingual for the french speakers out there.....

Mathg - located in Quebec, Canada (Roberval/lac saint-jean)
....If someone need it am ready to let you use it at my home (for free obviously) and it wont leave my sight. Am also willing to drive to you if your not too far(may have to pay some fuel except if i already have to go at your area)

Have to speak french as english is not my primary language and i dont speak it.


Jasonsmack - Swift Current, Sask. OBD2 software and laptop. Also a cheap code reader. I drive truck so we would have to plan around an oddball of a schedule.

*Northwest Territories



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Other Places


DieselFreak97 - GMTDScan Tech for 94-95 6.5's, Jutland, Denmark.


kane67 - GMTDScan and manuals for 94 C/K...Vantaa, Finland (kane, www.overdrive.fi)

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