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HELP ME! Somebody Help me please!

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OK, Case is out, how do I split the case to install the pump upgrade I got from Merchant Automotive???

Eric, Someone, ANYONE! Please HELP??

I just can't see how to get it apart.

One Diesel Place Member in distress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I figure folks are at church or something, and it has got dark outside and MUCH colder. So I guess I will call Eric in the am, but I do hope to hear from someone tonight!
Got what I was after from Rolloffhill,

Will update the pump upgrade install tomorrow after I finish.
Did you spread the snap ring under the rubber plug?
How did it go? I saw on one of your other posts that you were on jack stands. Good luck! I have no advice, (due to lack of knowledge) only moral support. Am considering doing the pump upgrade myself before my NEW transfer case gets a hole in it. Its 6-8 hr round trip to Eric's to have him install, but I may do that.
OK I am finished, there was good news/bad news/good news.

The first good news, I am FINISHED!

Bad News, My case half was in bad condition to the point that I felt it had to be replaced, I was in the market to get the case welded by Jimmy Judd for free, just shipping cost and evaluate the weld job for others on this site to use his services in the future, so that odffer is probably open to someone else, just look up his user name, I still need to contact him to let him know I had to replace the case half altogether.

Good news, it was easier than most people think. I have been a mechanic all of my life, starting with tractors to cars and trucks then to Airplanes then Motorcycles ect.. you see where this is going, anyways it being my first time, I had to repeat a few steps for the learning curve, but all in all I was able to do it in my driveway. Now I may be in Florida, but it was 25 degrees this morning, as I began to split the case, that proved to be a little bugger, but the NICE folks at Merchant Automotive were VERY patient with me and my questions, and talked me through it. If you are doing this job, when you expand the snap ring, have the case lying as if it were in the vehicle, it makes it easier. Anyways it was a sucess, everything works as advertised, and that is after I disassembleddarn near the whole thing to clean and inspect the innerds.

I want to thank rolloffhill, he provided me with very valuable pictures and directions for disassembly and reassembly of the T-case, it proved very valuable, THANK YOU AGAIN.

So I would say to anyone, give it a go, it really is not to hard, but you should have a hand with lifting the case back into position, and do not fill the case before installing into the truck, unless you have a means of holding it horizonal, it will either leak out the tailshaft, or the vent tube on top.

I am sure I have left something out, but hey I am so happy it is finally finished...

Thanks to everyone who provided input, and to the moderators of this site, sorry about the double post last night, I was in a panic and it was getting cold and I wanted max visual for input.
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Where in the he** is Gaskin??? Must be up North as we here in Central Fl were 33 this AM.
Gaskin is about 50 miles north of Destin, just 2 miles south of the alabama border, looking to live in florida, just away from the coast for hurricane purposes, and not to live in alabama.
Got it... you live in L.A. (Lower Alabama) :cool:

Real nice country up that a way, more open area than we have here in the center part.
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