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Hello from Washington

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Got my first Diesel yesterday. A 1982 Chevrolet K5 Blazer with the 6.2L diesel. I can say so far I am satisfied with diesel the mpg is much better than a 5.7L gas engine would give me but it lacks alot of power....for now. Planning to either swap the 6.5 Turbo stuff onto it or a 6.5L Turbo engine itself into my blazer. Dont know alot about diesel engines yet but just reading other topics on here I have learned quite a bit and am willing to learn more.

My 6.2 sometimes sounds like it has a knock similar to a gas engine but im not sure though it only does it sometimes, so I checked the oil and put more into it since it was low but im not sure if the sound i am hearing is just the engines normal sounds or an issue that needs to be fixed. The engine has 198000 miles on it though.
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:welcome: I'm going to move this to the 6.2 forum.....hopefully you will get some good answers there :)
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