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Hello from Washington

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Got my first Diesel yesterday. A 1982 Chevrolet K5 Blazer with the 6.2L diesel. I can say so far I am satisfied with diesel the mpg is much better than a 5.7L gas engine would give me but it lacks alot of power....for now. Planning to either swap the 6.5 Turbo stuff onto it or a 6.5L Turbo engine itself into my blazer. Dont know alot about diesel engines yet but just reading other topics on here I have learned quite a bit and am willing to learn more.

My 6.2 sometimes sounds like it has a knock similar to a gas engine but im not sure though it only does it sometimes, so I checked the oil and put more into it since it was low but im not sure if the sound i am hearing is just the engines normal sounds or an issue that needs to be fixed. The engine has 198000 miles on it though.
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Its more of a tick than a knock. It has AC but the compressor went out so there isnt a belt on there and I can careless for AC so if I do the 6.5 turbo swap it wont be a big deal just got to fix the motor on the door so I can roll the window down that is AC to me. Definatly going to mess around with the timing a little and some of the other little tricks but I need to find a manual that covers this engine because I dont know where everything is yet since Im used to gas engines.

Oh yeah oil pressure is anywhere from 20 to 40 as its normal pressure. Going to do an oil change tomorrow and put in some lucas oil stabilizer and Castrol 15w-40.
Im in Port Orchard over between Gig Harbor and Bremerton. This is my wheeling rig.

What exactly do you do to change the timing on these? Sorry for noob questions since I am new to diesels, gas engines are obviously different.
Cool, Ill tinker with it tomorrow while im changing the oil and such.
What size exhaust is ideal for these? It has 2" pipes on it currently I was thinking 2.5" exhaust would really help out. And Im already working to help the intake system since the way they designed it doesnt really help it much. I was looking at that dual intake mod someone did and was thinking of doing that but im not sure I could make something like that, im not good with fabricating my own parts just yet. But i was thining of cutting of the muffler thingy on the intake and running just a tube to the front instead to give it better flow.
Well thanks for the help got a nice list of stuff to start putting together. Definatly going to up the exhaust to 2.5" pipes and find some mufflers that will hold up well and sound good. Intake is a cheap upgrade since I can make most of it out of cheap stuff.
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