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Hello from Washington

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Got my first Diesel yesterday. A 1982 Chevrolet K5 Blazer with the 6.2L diesel. I can say so far I am satisfied with diesel the mpg is much better than a 5.7L gas engine would give me but it lacks alot of power....for now. Planning to either swap the 6.5 Turbo stuff onto it or a 6.5L Turbo engine itself into my blazer. Dont know alot about diesel engines yet but just reading other topics on here I have learned quite a bit and am willing to learn more.

My 6.2 sometimes sounds like it has a knock similar to a gas engine but im not sure though it only does it sometimes, so I checked the oil and put more into it since it was low but im not sure if the sound i am hearing is just the engines normal sounds or an issue that needs to be fixed. The engine has 198000 miles on it though.
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hello from down the road ;)

after you have grown accustomed to the good noises, you will be able to better pick out the bad ones ;)

watch your oil pressure. if it stays strong, probably nothing to worry about. most often the knock you think you hear is actually injector pulse or the pump.

the 6.5 turbo swap is easy...if you don't have AC. lots of info about that here. i wanted to do that first thing to my 'burban, but after many miles of driving it i have decided to go with cowl injection and keeping it naturally asperated.

quick power can usually be found by setting the injector timing correctly. dont know why, but almost every 6.2 i have seen in this side of the state has had the timing retarded.

have fun!
please please please use a good diesel oil. try delo and a fleetguard filter from napa...change your fuel filter to a fleetguard too while your in there. down the road, you will thank yourself for the extra money spent.

20-40 for the oil pressure is fine. mine is usually higher than that though.

timing is set with the injector pump. you will see a line "scribed" into the timing cover, and a matching line on the pump housing. making them line up is 0*, the most power is between 3*-6*BTDC. translates to about one line width or so to the driver side.

the issue with the AC and the turbo is the downpipe. the turbo mounts basicly on top of where the condenser box sits and the downpipe will go the rest of the way back. you can remove the condenser but it gets unsightly when you do.

where are you at in WA?
i used to have a lot of friends out there! i just moved from tacoma to marysville...

timing is easy. remove the air cleaner and look straight down at the injector pump. (its the big thing with the throttle and TV cables on it...has 8 steel lines coming out of it) you should see the lines i was talking about. there are 3 15mm bolts holding the pump on, loosen them and move the pump till the line is where you want it...then tighten it back up. easy peasy!
2.5 is about the max on the stock manifolds...anything else is just show as the collector is only 2.5" :h

i am planning on running my dual 2.5"s into one aluminum 4" or 5" (my guy has both pipes already so i just have to choose)

the air muffler is a great start, but you wont notice if the timing is retarded too far...just smoke. also no sense upping the IP pressure if the thing is dumping the fuel too late...just more smoke.

its still cold enough out, flip the lid on your air cleaner and see if you get more power ;)
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