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New to this Forum. Had my D'max for two years now, and have been researching here for a couple months while looking to pick the right Programmer for my Dmax. To all who have provided info about the different units, Thanks! I also want to apologize for this post being long, but not sure I can describe the problem we found on my truck w/o being lengthy.

Ran into interesting problem last month. Had to replace the intercooler (plus front bumber, grill, headlight brackets, etc) as a result of a close encounter with a deer. Kudo's to my buddy who owns the body shop who found the hole poked in the I/C by the headlight bracket! After I picked the truck up, would not run for crap:(! Could also hear lots of air leakage noise

Back to the shop, and we checked all the connections to the I/C, boots, etc. and found nothing. Kept looking and finally found a hole in the bottom of the Turbo charge tube (aluminum tube that runs from pressure side of the turbo down to the Intercooler). Appeared the original installation had let the tube get down on top of the stainless steel power steering lines, and rubbed a hole in the soft aluminum charge tube. Strangely enough, the power steering line also essentially had covered the hole, and under general driving, there was not enough pressure on the tube to leak. I always had got some air noise under heavy load, but had assumed was the intake air noise from the AFE. When the new I/C was installed, the charge tube got moved around such that the hole was no longer covered, and all the compressed air from the turbo escaped.

Anyway, we repaired the charge tube, realigned to ensure it stays clear of the Power steering lines, and checked the P/S lines to make sure they were OK (they were). This got rid of some noise under hard towing conditions that I thought was just intake air noise, and obviously with getting all the boost in the engine, the truck runs even better than before.:D

Just wondered if anyone else with an LB7 had seen the charge tube out of place and cause this problem?
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