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having injectors rebuilt

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I have a set of injectors that I replaced and was wondering if there is a place I can send them to have them bored out and replaced?
thankyou for the help
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When are you going to post your dyno results?
Maybe these guys can help, don't know anything about them, I just happened to come upon their site from a search the other day.

There are no parts avail to repair, your not gonna get anywhere like that. Best bet is to just buy new. Testing alone runs around 100 ea.
ok thankyou I was just wondering if there was thankyou for the help.
We have the testing service, also new high flow injector nozzles (129%) and replacement available .
Are the injectors leaking?

Give me a pm or call me 262 725 3581 for more infos
Did you ever make a decision about the injectors?
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