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Having a lift and plowing and or towing

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Hello, have been looking at doing a 4 inch suspension lift. My concerns are as follow:

1) I plow with my truck, I have a Blizzard 8' 6" straight blade. I want to go higher because the power hitch hits on the curbs.

2) I won't be able to park in parking ramps.

3) I do landscaping, lawn care, so I do a lot of towing, with some pretty good loads. I don't want to go down the road with the "squat" look all the time.

4) I have considered the cognito leveling kit, but for slightly more, I could get a full 4" lift.

5) I want to run 305/55/20 on diamo 20"x10" 17 karat black wheels.

Let me know what you guys think, will the lift work for plowing? How about towing?-do they have a weight limit that the blocks are good for?

Thanks, Paul
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1) No problem mounting you plow with a lift seen it done with 4" to 6"

2) This might be true but who wants to mess around with them anyways.

3) Air Bags will do the trick or you could get a new spring pack I know Nor-Cal is offering one with there new Cognito 4"

4) With a leveling kit you would still have to do bags or something to prevent squat while towing the 4" is not much more money and for a couple hundred more you could get a 6"

5)Should not be a problem IIRC

Hope this helps, Tim
how new? IIRC you go get a 4in rancho or any of the others for the about price right now.
"IIRC" If I Recall Correctly
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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