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hard cold start

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Just had a really bad cold start on my 02. i waited until the wait to start light went off and tried to crank it over and it sounded horrible so i backed off. so i turned the glow plugs on again figuring that they werent hot enough yet. it started after a very slight push of the throttle, but it sounded like it had no cranking power and not as horrible. It has never done this to me in the past. I just put in some diesel fuel additive in it (like a half tank ago) due to the very cold weather that came in the area. Just think trying to get everyones thoughts on this. Cause im thinking i may have to go run to the store quick and put a heater in her.
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Have you tried plugging in the block heater?
I plug mine into a timer for about 3 hours before starting and have had no problems. It was -22 this morning.
Never mind the post!! I am a moron, i left the dome light on last night. but i dont get it how come the wait to start light went off if the plugs werent hot enough?
How cold was it? Using synthetic oil, or regular petroleum based?
about 5 degrees... regular oil, i just bought the truck so i havent switched it yet. also where is the power cord for the block heater, ive looked for it but always in the dark and i can never seem to see anything. thanks for any info
thanks for all the help guys, i found the cord for the block heater... it was shoved way down. but now my question is where does everyone run there cord to??? cause i have mine just goin under the hood right now just cause it is so freaking cold out there right now. didnt know if the cord was suppose to go between the grill and the lights or where it was ran.
i ran mine down to the passenger side tow hook. i had to split the loom a little to get a little more reach but its no biggie
Shouldn't your dome light have turned off automatically after a certain period of time? Mine does-I think it's 30 minutes. I wouldn't think it would affect starting-especially with 2 batteries. I'd have the batt's tested and now that you found the plug-plug it in when it's real cold. I don't think you'll have a problem.
you are correct, the dome light should turn its self off so it doesnt drain the batteries
Thanks tothemax. ill have to do that went it gets a lil warmer, dont feel like doing it in -13 degrees and thats not even the wind chill... she is bitting hard.

but here is another question, how long do you guys keep yours plugged in? i know when i was on the farm, that the tractors always stayed plugged in if we were goin to use them, and at work we keep them plugged in 24-7 just cause we might have to plow or do some salting. just seeing if this is the smart thing to do or do you thing the heater would burn out faster?? cause i always thought that they would.
I think anything more than an hour or two before you need to start it is a waste of electricity.
at -40, 4 hours seems to be plenty. At -10 to -20, probably 2 or 3 hours should be fine.
Put it on a timer if your schedule allows.
ya i was actually thinking of a timer, but since i am on seasonal lay off right now it really doesnt pay.
? would it hurt anything to leave it on all night?
it wont hurt to leave it plugged in all night, thats what i do. wil
2-3 hours is good. All night is not good. Also a good idea to unplug before starting.
Your probably in for new batteries. If the cranking slowed down after the second glowplug cycle they are probably getting weak.
winter200;1573761; said:
Your probably in for new batteries. If the cranking slowed down after the second glowplug cycle they are probably getting weak.
I agree, check out your batteries, one is probably bad.
And plug it in as long as you want! It will start so much better.
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