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H2 wheels with 285s and 305s-PICTURES

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Let me start and say, yes my eyeballs are red from looking at all the pictures in garages - 40 pages worth...... I didn't see a lot of pictures of H2 wheels with 285s and 305s. I a little surprised based on the threads with H2. Please post pictures of your rig with H2s......

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My old truck with H2s.
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ccreed;1575112; said:
  1. Pull the four black, plastic spacers of the back of each cap.
  2. Take a Dremel or some equivalent to grind off the tabs even with the edge of the cap.
  3. Push the black plastic pieces back in.
They should now fit.
The Aluminum rim (PY0) caps fit without trimming.

You use your regular lug nuts from your stock wheels, and the caps screw right on.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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