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Grind mark on 6.5 diesel dipstick

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I can take a digital photo if it would help, but I've noticed that on the part of the dipstick that you read, it has grind marks running horizontally, at about the halfway mark. Is this normal? I noticed it quite a while ago, van has 100,000 miles on it now but first noticed this at about 60k miles. It hasn't gotten any worse, but always seems to look "fresh" when inspecting oil level.

Any ideas?
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Sounds like it may be just rubbing one of the couterweights on the crankshaft.
Naww, 40k and its still fine, not much your gonna do to prevent it, could tweak the end of the dipstick a little, but if you put it in the wrong way, you made it worse, I wouldnt worry about it.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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