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Well i put the truck into level 5 on the attitude today and drove a bit, man it runs good, juice is impressive!!!! Infact it runs so good a dude in a '96ish Camaro got to learn a little respect for a Dmax with "attitude". I was coming back home this afternoon and this guy was on my tail a little, i hit the pedal a little left a little black cloud for him, anyway we get to the next light and its now starts a 2 lane road he pulls next to me (nice looking girlfreind with him too), i see the other light turning yellow and i hear him start revving it up (aftermarket exhaust, actually it sounded real nice!) I was like, OK lets see what the level 5 has, hit the T/H, light goes green i hear him spin a little, i hit it and start pulling away as he starts getting the top of 1st he was catching up a little, once he went to shift 2nd it was over, i started pulling away and i waved at him as i was pulling away!!!!! once i hit 4h gear i lifted sicne the next light changed red, I'm sure if we raced 3 times the distance he would have caught me, but oh well he loses!!

Dmax truck $30k

juice and attitude $700

Look on a Camaro guys face when a Diesel 4x4 Extcab 7000lb truck blows his doors off light to light.... PRICELESS
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