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Got my Dmax back`

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After almost 30 days, I am now D/A'n it again. So glad to be back in my Duramax/Allison. They ended up replaced all injectors and sleeves, and replaced the driver side head. Head had a crack in it. Back on the road and going strong. Just had to share the excitement. I hope this doesnt' happen again.
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What year did you have and how many miles were on your truck?
71,xxx, 2001 GMC 2500HD Duramax Diesel with Allison trany.
What caused all those problems, any ideas.
I believe he had an injector cup leak.
Low coolant light came on. Noticed some coolant in the passengar side wheel well. Took it in to service, and they ran test after test after test. At first thought it was and injector cup leaking, they replaced them, still had the same problem, then they moved to the head gaskets, no problem there, then they pulled the head off and sent it out to be checked, they found a crack in the head. Put a new head back on it. Checked all my fluid levels today, coolant level is fine, but my oil this morning looks to be way overfilled. Called service to have it checked, I am afraid I am making oil. We will see.
Everything checked out ok. Turns out I was having a hard time reading the dip stick. Truck is running like a dream, glad to be back in my D/A again. Pulled about 8500lbs last night for a 150 miles, forgot just how nice our trucks are.
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