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One of the best mods I ever did was back in 2007/08.

The All on Lighting Mod. Where when driving with low beams on, activating the High beam switch puts fogs-lows-highs on all at the same time.

This past fall I was investigating what was causing a parasitic draw on my batteries. Using a Fluke Multi Meter, I pulled fuse out fuse by fuse with the truck key turned on but not running...in doing so I removed the 3 relays that control Fogs, High and Low beams in the fuse box under the hood. Upon finding the parasitic draw, I put them back in without care as to which went which and their orientation.

I looked through the DIY section but couldn't find this particular one whereby through the use of some diodes, made it work. Pretty Easy.

Strangely enough, this was one of the many .pdf's I had actually saved, Imagine that.?. As such, I've attached the 2 page DIY here for some of the guys that might never have seen this.


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