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Good Diesel Mechanic In Mass.

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I did my own LOF at 2500 and 5000. Turned 7500 and I am going to be straight out for the next 3 weeks so I went to dealer for a LOF and tire rotation. Went to Woburn GMC in Woburn MA where I purchased. total came to $90. As I was walking to truck with service advisor he was telling me what was done and said"....added 12 quarts..." I said, hey the Duramax only takes 10 quarts. He replied "well I told you when you called we dont work on many diesels" WTF!!!!
Anyway, does anyone know of a good diesel mechanic/shop in Northeastern Mass/southern New Hampshire? Thanks.
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90 bucks huh, heck, I would drive out and do it for that
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Just find a local shop to do it for you.
Any shop should be able to do a
LOF and rotate the tires.
john e mail me I might be able to help you.

[email protected]

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