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glow plug cizquit malfunction

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my check engine light is on with a p0380 code i tested all the glow plugs and they all seem to be good truck fires right up at -20 sometimes the light goes off and then comes back on again anyone else have this problem?
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My truck did the samething and all plugs tested ok. I just replaced all 8 glowplugs because my truck is an 01 anyways and it ended up solving the problem.
If under 5 years/80k take it to the dealer, emissions warranty. It might be the control module, mine was out, cost about $60 iirc.
ohh ok well mines an 01 too might have to replace them too might fix it
Mine just started setting that code yesterday. I'll have to see whats going on myself. :banghead:
mine is setting it as well
mine has been doing that for about 2 months, starts fine, runs fine, it might take a lil longer to start sometimes though. havent tested the plugs or the 175 amp glow plug fuse, too darn lazy!:D If anyone fixes theirs lemme know what it was.
What I think is funny that my p0380 code comes and goes. It might be on a day off a day or a week either way.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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