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getting rid of the stock exaust

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I have an o6 chevy 4door Lt3 I'm trying to get a loud throaty sound from my truck it's stock and way to quiet I have a set of stacks that I'd like to put on but I'm not sure if I can take off my muffler without a check engine light coming on and if it does come on what do I need to do.:rolleyes:
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You will need the finger stick and blocker plate in order to accomplish this. If you do a search you will find numerous threads on this topic.
you can dich the muffler with out a CE light how ever as GMC2500H said you will need to git a finger stick (or EFI Live) in order to dich the CAT. (wich blocks out most of the sound) then your set to git as much noise out of you LBZ as you want

what kind of stacks do you have to throw on your truck?
I'm putting on 4in stacks on for now just to see how I like it then later on depending on the sound I get I may go larger but for now I'am going with 4in. just cause I got a free set to play with
what is the finger stick and what does it do to allow me to remove my cat
"The EGR codes come from a systems check that the ECM does on the EGR system. By shutting and opening the EGR valve, the system looks for the correct change in the signal from the MAF sensor to indicate the EGR is flowing the expected amount of exhaust gas."

"EGR does little to nothing for soot in the exhaust. It is a simple and effective method for controlling NOx emissions only"
The finger stick will help with P0401 and P0404 codes only"

This is a direct quote from an earlier post from Fingers.
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