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After the hail damage with 1500 miles on her i will be getting it back in a day or two.I have been watching this process since the get go with this repair,i have went through this before time and time again in this damm midwest with hail.Its a *itch to see a new ride get the cab-top cut off of it and re-installed......its like no more virginity!

I am having the hood replaced with the new 05-06 Ram air from Keystone (chaching!) but it is nice and the painter has done a very nice job. I will say the jellcoat has sumthing to be desired...sum tweaking was needed to make it paint ready.
Iam going to pipe the cold-air right in to the turbo,i just havent quite decided which cai iam going to use yet,they have a kit thats made for it but its not advertised who the builder is or who makes the filter.

I have a MBRP exhaust waiting in the box to go on it that came after my misfortune..Iam going to do a little experiment just for the fun of it,i will install the guages first,then maybe the exhaust,then the CAI and see how this effects the spool up...then again it prolly wont matter which order because "what comes in must go out " right?

I will post sum pictures one of these days:ro)
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