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It seems to take time for the mpg average to increase. My 2003 pulling a 18ooolb gooseneck was getting 8mpg...now it gets upwards of 10 mpg...not bad for 24000 combined weight. My 1999 454(vortech or whatever) dually used to get 5 mpg pulling that much weight.

Now my 2003 has over 13000miles on it and the fuel mileage is still increasing slightly.

I am surprised at the mpg difference when empty vs loaded. Empty the 2003 can get as high as 16-17 mpg. Still better than the 1999's 10 mpg when empty.

ON edit: I think you will be glad you joined.....there is alot to be learned here, especially if your new to diesels.Edited by: Gradyghost
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