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So, I was fixing to put the truck back into operation. Thought I had a turbo bought from a board member, but I guess he died or something, so I just JBWelded my old one.

Drove the truck some, and it had a fuel leak that left a pizza sized puddle on the ground after 5 minutes of idling.

I quickly found the leak was in the area of the filter. Thought it was the heater assy, as many here have had problems in this area. But, I tried the easy stuff first. I tightened the hose clamps leading to the filter assy. The leak slowed. So O changed the hose clamp on the input line to the filter, and positioned it properly on the line (not done previous), and the leak was gone!

I have great boost now with a solid wastegate, and no fuel leak. I guess I am GTG as long as I watch the gauges.
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