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Well these are the pictures I promised. This is the Factory filter with 8k miles on it. I buy almost exclusively from one place except when we are traveling. I figure ther is about 3,400 miles of travel on this one.

Pick 2 this is the dirty side

Pick 3 is a close up that explains why one part of the filer is more dirty than the other. See the holes where the fuel flowes in from.

Pick 4 this is what the inside of the can at looked like. There was just a slight amount of rust in the bottom. I wonder if it is enough to blow the warranty? Too bad it is out of focus and I am to tired to go back out and snap another pick. Hey, in the back ground you can see the fuel cap on my boat.

Picture 5 this is just me showing off what a good job you can do with a hacksaw if you take a little time. 5 min or so. This weekend i am supposed to chang a friend of mine's f**d that has almost 80k on the factory filter. That should be ugly! I will try and post the picks

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