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I am looking to add a pre-OEM fuel filter to my 2004 Chevy 2500HD with the Duramax engine...

Any thought's on these 3:

Nicktane, Vormax, Optiguard

I like the Nicktane because of the CAT 1R-0749 filter rated at 2 microns. I don't think I like the membrane in the filter. Sounds like cold weather might be an issue without a fuel additive.

I like the Vormax bowl before the spin on filter which is a Fleetguard FS1000 (Fuel/Water seperator with self-venting drain valve). It appears to be rated at 10 microns. The CAT 1R-0749 can be used instead of the FS1000.

The Fleetguard Optiguard seems to be a competitor to the Vormax with a simplified design and using a similar 10 micron filter?

Do I need to worry about particles <10 microns?


Nicktane http://www.nicktane.com/filter.htm $240

Vormax http://www.webb-sales.com/product_fuelfilter03.htm $250

Optiguard http://www.fleetguard.com/fleet/en/products/en_prod_inn_optiguard.jsp $___.00

Fleetguard has a lot of good info...especially the Optiguard Flash video. I also like the FS1000 for the self-venting drain valve. Optiguard's design eliminates the need for priming after a filter change.

Too much for a newbie to the world of diesel engines...

Thanks for any feedback in advance!
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