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Front End Squeek

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I have been getting a high pitch squeek as I hit bumps with my front end. Any ideas where to look first?

I keep it greased well.

Could it be the shocks? I figure I'll start with a can of WD40 and each day I'll wet a moving joint or bushing. Process of elimination.
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Make sure you lubed all 11 grease points. Particularly the two Idler arms and the Pittman arm they are hard to see and harder to get the grease fitting on. The Pitman arm is high and in cramped space and it also has the AC hose in the way. I am going to get a 90 degree fitting for the next time. The first time I lubed, I found that the factory had hardly put any grease in most of the fittings. There was a lot on the outside though... They must have not gotten the fitting on right when they greased it.
The 11 fittings:
2 - Upper ball joints
2 - Lower ball joints
2 - Outer tie rod ends
2 - Inner tie rod ends
2 - Idler arm (one on top and one on the ball joint)
1 - Pittman arm
It is easy to miss the Pitman arm and the two on the idler arm assemblies. Their tucked up high and hard to see.

Check your owners manual for the right grade of grease. for the 2003 it's NLGI #2 or GM part 12377985. BTW the GM grease is a pretty aqua blue color
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