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hoot said:
I have been getting a high pitch squeek as I hit bumps with my front end. Any ideas where to look first?

I keep it greased well.

Could it be the shocks? I figure I'll start with a can of WD40 and each day I'll wet a moving joint or bushing. Process of elimination.

Hoot Put down the WD-40 and back away slowly. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER use WD-40 in place of something that is supposed to be a lubricant. It's not a lubricant. It's a water dispalacer and will remove any lube that you have where ever you spray it.

Try using silicone spray if that is the way you want to attack the probem.

I'd start with a visual check of bushing and shock mounts before I did any spraying though. How much suspension movement do you need to create the squeak?? Can you get someone to stand on the bumper and jump a little while you listen around for the squeak?
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