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Recently Txchristopher and I got together to compare trucks. We were trying to figure out why my truck was getting poor fuel mileage.(14-14.5mpg @ 70mph on a good day). One of the things we did notice was my front tires took more effort to rotate than his. When rotating the tires by hand, I could get one rev. after I let go and we could get three rev. on his truck. More information can be found in the lly section under MPG
comparison test. Sorry but i cant figure how to make it link to that site.
To get a more accurate reading, another member idea was to use some string, wrap it around the studs on the hub, and use a scale for weighing fish, to measure how much force it took to rotate the font hubs. If my memory is correct, he had readings of 12 to 17 pounds to rotate his front hubs. I did this same test and it took 35-40lbs to make my front hubs rotate. Removed the calipers and it took 12-13lbs to make the front hubs rotate. Big difference. Checked and regreased the pins. Made sure the calipers moved freely. Started the truck, pushed the brake pedal several
time, reran the test, and got the same results 35-45lbs of pull needed to make the front hubs rotate. I had the truck at the dealer for other warenty work and asked them to rotate the tires and see if that seemed
normal to them. Their reply was yes, they did not see nothing wrong with it. Their seems to be lot of smart people on this site. What's your opion.
Any help would be appreciated!!!
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