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Found this today and sounds like someone got the facts mixed up, DMAX was first with quieter engine.

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1) Maintenance Safety Tips for GM's New Duramax Diesel Engine vs Ford's Power Stroke </TD></TR>
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<TD class=verdana width=580>Situation
<LI>Ford's Power Stroke diesel engine fuel injection spray pressure runs from 3,500-21,000 psi
<LI>Duramax diesel fuel system takes new approach to high-pressure fuel and lube oil spray
<LI>Jacks pressure up continuously w/ special pump and control injection w/ special module, high voltage and electronic injectors
<LI>Duramax ECM programmed to operate injectors in 2-stages like Power Stroke 6L to reduce noise and emissions
<LI>Common rails mounted externally on Duramax while under valve covers or cast into cylinder head in Power Stroke </LI>[/list]</TD>
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</CENTER></TD></TR></T></T></TABLE>Significant Points
<LI>Extreme caution must be exercised in dealing w/ Duramax fuel system and high-voltage electrical system
<LI>Maximum control oil pressure on a Power Stroke nearly 4,000 psi, Duramax fuel system is pressure-relieved at a blistering 27,550 psi
<LI>93-volt high-voltage Duramax wiring harness must be replaced rather than repaired
<LI>Fuel rail pressure (FRP) sensor must be replaced if ever removed due to high damage probability </LI>[/list]Read Background

Web Source
<LI>http://www.ford.com </LI>[/list]
Sourced From: Aftermarket Business, November 21, 2003

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