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I've been a member of this forum for awhile but have not posted before because I did'nt have a truck. I am going down today to pick up my new 3500 SRW Chevy w/ LBZ Duramax, Allison 6 speed. I will have a pop-up slide in camper and will be towing my rock crawler. The truck is fairly basic with work truck trim, but it does have a few goodies that I wanted. Like clothe interior, cruise control, and a/c. I got it in white to match my camper. I wil be spending alot more time on this site. Som long for now.:)
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My rockcrawler is basically a Jeep TJ that has been modified extinsively. It is going to be so nice load it on my trailer and hauling it to the trails. Although it is street legal, the comfort level is lacking plus the wear and tear of highway is hard on it.
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