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First Oil Change in New to Me Truck

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Getting ready to do the first oil change in my 2015 2500HD LML. So a couple of questions here;

1) What is the recommended oil weight to use and or synthetic? Best oil filter to use?

2) I have a FASS lift pump on here and I was going to go ahead change out fuel filters too. What is the best filter on the rail/engine?

3) It has a S&B air filter on it and I ordered the replacement dry filter for it so that’s taken care of.

4) I’m using 4oz of Opti-Lube XL at every fill up for the injectors.
Anything else I should pay close attention to on the LML?

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Shell Rotella 15w40 full synthetic with OEM Filter ( AC/Delco PF 2232)
Fuel Filters- Baldwin or Donaldson Filters are good recommendations. Here is the cross-reference chart from FASS:
I've only used Shell Rotella 15w40 T6 full synthetic since new along with factory A/C Delco oil filter PF 2232 and engine mounted factory fuel filter TP 3018. I also have the Fass Titanium series lift pump and use the Fass XL particulate and water separator filters. I also install the Exergy fuel system saver and use Opti-Lube.
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