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Well, just got the results back from my first oil analysis at AV-Lube. Changed Oil/Filter at 1K to Rotella-T, again oil/filter at about 5K with Rotella-T. Justed switched over to Rotella Syn, and this sample came at that oil change with about 5K on the oil.

Here are the results:

Wear Metals
Iron: 15
Chromium: 1
Lead: 8
Copper: 22
Tin: 8
Aluminum: 4
Nickel: 1
Silver: 0

Silicon: 26
Boron: 1
Sodium: 8
Potassium: 5

Magnesium: 28
Calcium: 2882
Phosphorus: 1562
Zinc: 1600
Molybdenum: 4

Physical Analysis
Fuel: A
Water %Vol: <0.1
Glycol: N
Visc 100c cST: 15.1
TBN: 10.2

Soot: <0.1
Oxidation: 14.00
Nitration: 6.00


Copper and Silicon were flagged as slightly above normal. In the comments section it read:

Dirt level slightly above normal. Copper level slightly above normal. Possibly from bearing overlay, thrusts, bushings or cooler. No corrective action at the time. Continue Normal PM. Resample at normal interval.

OK, now for my questions:

1. I seem to remember somewhere that an elevated copper and silicon level is fairly common no the Dmax. Is this true, and are these numbers in line with what others have seen?

2. I assume that the fuel rating of "A" means absent or something...ie, no fuel in the oil.

3. To those with a lot more experience with this, do any other values seem out of whack?



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Your elevated silicone levels could be from left over casting sand. Your Si levels should start to go down after 20,000 miles or so. In fact you will see everything stabilize after 20,000. TBN looks good, you could have gotten a few more miles out of that oil.

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here is a copy of my oil analysis report done on my second oil change, this would of had 11500 miles on it, it seams as well high silicone and cooper, but said ok for a new motor, will decrease, i was at 3 percent on my dic display, have not received my second lab report yet, but should be here soon, the oil the dealer puts in is petro canada 15-40

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Hello all

Just got our test back from Blacksone Labs.. This is on our
personal Rig miles on oil was 2272 miles on unit 3322

2003 unit

alum 2 copper 65
chro 0 lead 25
iron 11 tin 7
moybd 1 nickel 0
mang 0 silver 0
titan 0 potass 0
boron 0

Silcon 38 sodium 3
calcium 3013 magnesium 49
phosph 1056 zinc 1156
barium 1

Guys 38 is high for silcon
and copper was high 65

This was number 2 oil change

Oil was Rotella-T 15-40

From steve
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If you have questions on your test you can PM George and he will explain to you the test results, or he will be droping you an e-mail if levels are not where he would like to see. He likes to see the Si levels in the single digits. I have not make it yet but have changed my air filter and looking to see how it turns out with the next test. I have been trying to find leaks in the intake system with no luck. Running Delvac 1.

Here is a file of my tests on my truck so far.


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I had an analysis run at the very first oil change (4156 miles) and had 98ppm on Copper and 153ppm on Silicon. Both were flagged as abnormal, but the Analyst's Recommendations stated "NORMAL FOR BREAK-IN RESAMPLE AT NEXT REGULAR INTERVAL".

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Below are a couple of oil analysis results for my truck. I hope you can use them as a comparison. Most of my mileage is towing mileage (instead of around town).

The oil used at the time was Chevron Delo 400. I have now switched to Delvac 1. The copper and silicon are a little high. I remember George Morrison saying that the above normal copper readings are a "signature" of an Isuzu designed motor. I am hoping that the silicon will be in the single digits next oil change.


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My first oil sample on second oil change. The first oil change was @ 3K on the oil. The second @ 7K on the oil.

JOHN: High wear and silicon are both common finds in new engines such as yours. The wear is high due to break-in of new parts, while silicon is from sealers and sand-casted parts. Universal averages show typical wear metals for an oil from this type engine after 6,000-7,000 miles use. We suspect your engine will look that good or better in two or three more oil changes. Suggest staying with a 7,000 mile oil use for now. Once wear is down to average levels, we'll then look at extended oil use.
The TBN was strong at 10.6, so the oil still has plenty of life left. 1.0 is low.COMMENTS

Good levels of CALCIUM (Suspension addidtive)

The items in red were stated as excessive.

OIL TYPE & GRADE: Chevron Delo 400 15W/40

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