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First diesel

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My Wife and I bought our first diesel in December. WE were looking for a GMC Yukon with a 6.0. During our look we drove a Ford diesel and was not impressed. But when we drove the Chevy we were in love. When we founds this one we were looking for a 2500 but the price was right on the 3500 and it is loaded. I never knew what I was missing driving gasers. It is a dream to tow with. I am looking forward to learning how to take care of it and make it last. I've already decided I'm going to buy another one for me.
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Congrats on the new duramax, have had mine a little over a year now and love it. Has almost 26k on it and have had very few problems which were taken care of by the dealer promptly. Anything you need to know is here on this site and everyone is helpfull.
welcome.. had my duramax almost 1 year and love it.
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