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I bought a truck that was prior salvage from [email protected] on here. The truck was listed in the classifieds with a few pics. I called and we discussed it for a few days. I eventually committed to buying it for an agreed price, and Brent gave me a little more time to get all the money together. Once I did, he met me at an airport, and I think he had to drive 3 hours to get there from his home. I flew in and he picked me up.

The truck was exactly what he said it was. There was only 1 small issue with an Edge programmer that was on there, but he helped me work it out since the problem started just before I took possession. It was all worked out quickly and I'm extremely pleased with the purchase.

Brent was a pretty cool guy and helped answer all the questions I had concerning the DPF and EGR systems. This is my first Emissions truck and we had discussed my future plans - he was pretty thorough on what I needed to do with it.

Thumbs up for him!
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