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Does anyone know of an easy way to make the tranny shift into od at a lower rpm? i do about 1/2 city,hwy driving and in the cith the tranny wont hit od unless you are speeding. Theres no need to have 2000rpm around the city and ive had too many tickets to up the speed any more. I would like it to kick up at about 35mph this would give me a little room for speeding but not getting busted and still saving some fuel! i used to have a manual and love the fact i could switch when it was needed. This is actually the first automativ ive ever owned and feel the need to tweak it if i can!
any help?

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the extra load on the engine in a higher gear is really going to negate any MPG gain IMHO. Not really worth it. Plus you dont want the engine lower than 1200rpm or so with a locked converter because its not going to be pumping fluid around all that well...not to mention the dmax doesnt make any torque down there.

But if you do want to play around with shift points you'll need EFILive. That will allow you to program many things in the TCM, including shift points, tcc lockup schedule, etc..

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