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Your friends and family will pencil in your name at the next conclave for this great and easy meal:

Ain't no one have more crock pots than me.
The only good Crock Pot anymore is the Hamilton Beach, and only the one with the ceramic cooking vessel in it.

The aluminium and other metal crock pots just don't cut it.
The Hamilton Beach is the only one with a good temperature controller.
The common Rival brand crock pot has lousy temp control and you will burn your food.
It's all about temp with a Crock pot, and Hamilton Beach has it down perfect.

I buy my ribs from COSTCO and coat them on the meat side with butter, paprika, Lawrys seasoned Pepper (Read that Pepper, not seasoning salt) and brown sugar.

Grill the racks of ribs for 30 minutes bone side down.

Then, cut each rib separately, dip and coat completely in your favourite bbq sauce, I use Fieris Pacific Rim sauce, (avoid Sweet Baby Ray's) then place each individual rib in your crock pot and slow cook for no more than 3 hours.
Never remove the lid during the slow cooking.

People will treat you like you are the second coming when they taste it.
Crowds will clear a path and a wake of people will follow behind you, their eyes and ears firmly fixed on each word you speak,,,
OK that's stretching it ,, but it is a really easy and good recipe and ya just place the pot in the dishwasher when you're one.
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