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I had a Gibson SS dual system on my truck. the truck was purchased new in 11/2001 and after only 1 yr of the Gibson, the factory portion (all the way up to the muffler) looked like new and teh SS portion was all rusted. I would recommend aluminized for better appearance over a longer period.

I just installed a http://www.kennedydiesel.com 4"/5" aluminized exhaust system on my truck. It is 4" up to the fat 5" ID muffler, then 5" from there on out. It uses really wide SS band clamps and custom welded brackets that use all stock hangers.

Although it comes a little long so you can trim it to fit the way you want, it cleared everything great. There doesn't appear to be enough room above the torsion bar crossmember for a 5" pipe to go through without possibly rubbing on on side or the other. This system cleared everything exactly down the middle, so no chance of rubbing. I've got a 33" spare, and it cleared with plenty of room all around. The look of the 5" tailpipe is awesome!

The noise difference between stock and Gibson was almost imperceptible at idle and in-town driving but as quiet as stock on the fwy with a nice deep rumble at WOT.

The Kennedy Diesel is exactly the same loudness as the Gibson - nearly the same as stock, and very quiet, no drone at any rpm on the fwy. The only time you really hear a difference is at WOT, with the window down, and the exhaust echoing off of a building or car next to you. It is very quiet in the cab, especially with the windows up but someone next to the tailpipe will have no doubt when you are WOT.

All in all, I'm very happy with how it looks, fits and performs and extremely surprised at how quiet it is.
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